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Type 16 OVAL bottom trawl doors, standard / light version

The perfect Trawldoors for all bottom fishing setups.

Type 16 OVAL bottom trawl doors

The perfect Trawldoors for all bottom fishing setups.

The Type 16 oval door from Thyboron Trawldoors is a straight oval door, that can easily match up with all other oval trawl doors on the market today.

The oval trawldoor is fitted with two foils. The cambering and foil openings are improved in order to be more efficient.

They are used for many different fishing setups such as single rig, twin rig, triple rig, quad rig, etc. This type 16 oval door is steady as a rock due to the injector system and weight balance. Where many other door brands give up on spreading the gear, the type 16 oval from Thoboron has shown excellent performance.

The type 16 oval standard model is made in all sizes and weights. They are often build according to special customer requests in a light and heavy duty version trawldoor.

All type 16 trawldoors are fitted with bolted on wearknives and / or wide mudkeel for soft bottom.

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