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Viking Xstream bottom trawl doors

All Poly Ice doors are now produced in Thyboron by Thyboron trawl doors since we bought the company out of the Hampidjan group in 2011-

Viking Xstream bottom trawl doors

The perfect Trawldoors for all kinds of bottom fishing setup.

This trawldoor is a further development of the old Viking model type. This trawl door is very popular worldwide and is used in different fishing setups such as single rig, twin rig etc.

The Poly Ice Viking Xstream bottom door is made in all sizes and weights and is often seen build according to special customer requests in a light and heavy duty version trawldoor.

They can all be fitted with bolted on wearknives or wide mudkeel, welded on manganese shoes or bolted on manganese shoes.

This bottom trawl door is fitted with the "Patented" Xstream technology.

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