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Type 22 - Bluestream pelagic trawldoor

High efficient trawl door.

TYPE 22 BlueStream VF/VK – pelagic trawldoor

The BLUESTREAM technology is the key feature on TYPE 22 trawl doors. By developing a more fluent and efficient waterflow we have succeeded in bringing this revolutionare invention to the world’s fishermen. More spread for less resistance, simply as said.

As one of our patented features the TYPE 22 also comes as a FLIPPER model. With the flipper function it is possible to reduce the surface area of the trawl door by opening 1, 2, 3, or 4 flaps in the door. They offer a lot of adjustment possibilities for many different fishing setups and provide an extremely high stability, when fishing deep or fishing very close to the surface with a lot of turns. 

The Type 22 BlueStream pelagic trawl door is an all-round high aspect pelagic trawl door. They are used for all kinds of pelagic fishing setups. They can also be used for bottom fishing with the doors “flying off the bottom”.

The TYPE 22 BlueStream have already proven itself by its eye-catching performance on fishing vessels, all over the world. Feel free to contact our sales division for more information!

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