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Poly Ice El Casador Xstream - semipelagic trawldoor, heavy duty version

All Poly Ice doors are now produced in Thyboron by Thyboron trawl doors since we bought the company out of the Hampidjan group in 2011.

Poly Ice El Casador Xstream

The El Casador Xstream heavy duty semi pelagic trawl door is an all-round trawldoor which is used for many different kinds of fishing setups such as bottom fishing and pelagic fishing.

The El Casador Xstream trawldoor is a higher aspect trawl door than a normal bottom door. It is produced in two versions. The light build version for bottom fishing on soft, sandy grounds. The Heavy duty version for Pelagic fishing is for fishing in real rough situations.

The heavy duty version is widely used in Russian waters where the fishing setup requires a trawldoor capable of fishing on hard grounds and deep water and with a quick change of gear being able to work perfectly for bottom and pelagic fishing.

In New Zealand, where they have developed a special fishing setup for Hoki, the type 12 has shown great results when flying the fishing gear close to the spikes and downhill on under water mountains, catching big schools of "Hoki" in fishing depth from 200 to 1100 fathom while fishing in the rocks.

The trawldoors are all fitted with either welded on manganese shoes or bolted on manganese wearshoes.

This trawl door is fitted with the "Patented" Xstream technology.

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