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Type 14-VFD semipelagic trawldoor, heavy duty version

The best spreading semipelagic trawl door in the world.

Type 14-VFD semipelagic trawldoor

The best spreading semipelagic trawl door in the world.

Since the type 14 VFD was introduced in 2013 this trawl door became very popular worldwide.

The perfect Trwawldoors for fishing setups that require a high spreading power combined with extreme stability and low resistance .

No matter if the fishing requires bottom contact, or the fishing setup is with trawldoors flying off the bottom, these semipelagic doors are number one on the market.

Many trawlers in the North Atlantic fisheries have gone from traditional bottom door designs to our type 14 VFD. The increased spreading power combined with a fuel saving has rapidly increased the market share for this type of trawl door.

The type 14 VFD heavy duty semipelagic trawldoors are made with extra reinforcements on all stress and wear points. The trawldoors will last for a long time even working the worst rock bottom.

From the softest bottom in the baltic sea to the toughest rocky mountains in the Indian ocean and the Atlantic Ocean the type 14 VFD trawl door from Thyboron trawldoors are always the best option.

The type 14 VFD heavy duty version trawl door can be made in all weights and sizes. They are all fitted with bolted on manganesee wearshoes.

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