Good afternoon Jan.

We took pair of Thyboron Type 14 on board for the first trip of this year.

The doors are 11 m2 and we are twin rigging with 2 Bacalao 612.  40 meters of fishing line.

Our trip was to Flemmish Cap fishing on depts from mainly 400-500 mtrs.

The doors are working very well, the spread is actually more than expected and they are very stable on the bottom as well.

We where using 125 meters of bridles twing rigging and spreading from 280 to 300 meters.

Towing only one gear we keept the doors of the bottom not to have to much spread and it is also very good to be able to do that on rough grounds.

Using 150 meters of bridles we were seeing 180 to 200 meters between the doors.

Using 200 meters of bridles we were experiencing up to 250 meters spread.

After this first trip we are happy to say that the doors are performing very well.

The rigging of the doors are as recomended from Thyboron.

Brgds……….. Sigurbjörn Reimarsson    Captain Kirkella