Audacius BF 83 from Scotland replaced their bottom-trawldoors with the new Type 14 VF trawlodoor. The feedback from skipper Barry Reid speaks for itself.

Hello Jan,
yes our trip has enden very susessfully we are away to land 75ton of mostly haddock which is our vessel full… Bins-bxs full and ice lockers for bulked fish.

This was a 7 day trip 4 days fishing and we had total of 16 hauls. At end of our trip we were beside some other vessels and were fishing very strong.

We didn’t really get much of a chance to fish with our usual twin trawl because of other engine and mechanical problems but the few hauls we did have were encouraging.

We fished single trawl all week and fished very strong, can’t comment on fuel for single trawl because they are new aboard as well.

We did fish beside another single vessel using same gear. The were working nets doors (don’t know size but prob 5.5/6sqm)/117ftm sweep and achieving 75ftm spread at 3.4 – 3.6kts we were getting 78-83ft with 100ftm sweep at 3.4 – 3.6kts so spread was good… fishing exact same.

At the start of the trip with twins there was a fuel saving of 20-30ltr per hour and 15ftm more spread and .2kts more with the type14 against the 6sqm morgere door, but since start of trip we have alterd the doors so hope to see a further reduction….we did see a 20ltr reduction with single net for this alteration. If we could get a 25-40ltr reduction per hour over a 10 day trip / 8day fishing with twins this would be very good (approx. 5-8k saving if could achieve this).

Think there is still the possibility of further alteration but wont know until we shoot twin trawls again.

This is my report to injector but when we wrote this they were NEW aboard and after setting up correct the fuel saving was more like 5-6K per trip. This was written when weather was good as well and we did have shooting problems in poor weather with injector (same as all other scottish boats using injector).

No problems shooting with these type 14 doors once in water they were no problem and we could even shoot at reduced pitch no problem so looks ok for shooting in poor weather when getting speed up is a problem. We are seeing same spread with the 4.5sqm Type 14 as we did with the 5sqm injector.

Very happy with the doors… found doors very easy to work. With good spread/fuel/speed etc.

Possibly still another fuel saving alteration for less spread to make but wont know until we are back fishing twin trawl (probably wont be for another 10 days).

Been really easy working with you guys so far….