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ATLANTIC STAR using Type 14vf 9.5m2

2021-02-10T07:35:55+00:00april 16, 2018|

Norwegian factory trawler ATLANTIC STAR using Type 14vf 9.5m2 just caught 450 tonnes saithe in only one week fishing.

Huge shrimp fishing for Nordtind

2021-02-10T07:35:55+00:00april 13, 2018|

Thyboron Trawldoor recently via our Norwegian agents at Selstad, supplied a full package to the Norwegian factory trawler Nordtind...

10m2 Type 14VF for Ramoen

2021-02-10T07:35:55+00:00juli 8, 2017|

Shipment of 10m2 type 14vf heavy duty doors and 6000kg rollerclump for new Ramoen in Aalesund. Ramoen will start whitefish operation in Aug/Sep.

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