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CONTROLLABLE TRAWL DOORS - TYPE 42 BLUESTREAM ONBOARD F/V KRISTIN NC336 Small extract from National Fishermen article by Paul Molyneaux Ola Hansson, skipper and part owner of the Kristin, can’t say enough good about the Type 42 Bluesteram “We own a German flagged pelagic trawler owned by Swedish fishermen who work onboard,” says Hansson. “We live outside Gothenburg on the island Donsö. At first, Hansson used 13 square meter Thyborön type 22 Trawldoors on the 174-foot Kristin, which was built at Karstensens shipyard in Skagen Denmark 2020. “We were looking for even more powerful doors, but do not have height enough in the gallow for higher doors,” says Hansson. “After discussion with Thyboron they offer us to test their new model Type 42 and we invested in doors, bottom parts and software for controlling the doors. We downsized to 12 square meter doors, its no problem

Feedback: Bluestreams provide perfect stability

2023-07-31T13:46:35+00:00juli 31, 2023|

Gollenes is fishing with a pair of Bluestream 32 trawl doors. These are the fully controllable variety that can be adjusted from the wheelhouse during a tow. Article by Terje Engø ‘I have to say, the stability of the doors is just perfect,’ Frode Kvalsvik said. ‘But I have to add that we have only been using these doors for three months since Gollenes was delivered in April.’ This latest generation of doors, which utilise the Bluestream technology developed by Thyborøn Trawldoor, has a highly efficient water flow generated by the double foil that forces water through the doors at a higher speed to produce lift while also reducing drag. ‘Shooting these doors, especially during the sandeel fishery on relatively shallow water has been a fantastic experience. We haven’t once had the doors tilt because of contact with the bottom. This saves us time, fuel, and frustration. We

Remote Controlled Trawl doors installed on SERENE LK 297

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We are that satisfied with the feedback from Themis who have been testing the system for years. We have now made them 100% available commercially, and we’re open to supply and customise systems for each of our customers who need a set of controllable doors. Themis has been using the doors in several fisheries and are very satisfied with the advantages compared to older regular pelagic doors. The feedback from Themis was also that this is very beneficial when the crew are asleep and the skipper wants to make a small adjustment during the night. He can just change the setup on the trawl doors without having to wake up four or five guys. A second set of tests was carried out on board Shetland pelagic vessel Serene while it was in Skagen recently for annual maintenance. Serene has been supplied with a 15 square metre pair of Bluestream doors,


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TYPE 26 BLUESTREAM IS DOING THE JOB!  The TYPE 26 BLUESTREAM have been developed by using our great experience with the dimensions of the semi-pelagic TYPE 14vf & TYPE 23 BLUESTREAM. After 3 years with TYPE 23 BLUESTREAM on the marked we have improved this design with regards to stability and spreading power. The highly efficient design originates from the TYPE 22 pelagic trawl door with the implemented BLUESTREAM technology. The TYPE 26 BLUESTREAM semi-pelagic trawldoor is an all-round high aspect trawldoor, that is used for different kinds of fishing setups such as bottom fishing, semi-pelagic and pelagic fishing both in deep water and in shallower water. TYPE 26 BLUESTREAM trawldoors are all built with bolted on wear-shoes, wear-knives, or a flat wide mud-shoe. This design is the most efficient semi-pelagic trawl door in the world. More and more vessels have already secured themselves a set


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Both Atlantic Enterprise and Ocean Prawns with Thyboron Trawldoors BLUESTREAM design in low aspect We are proud to be supplier of the company Ocean Prawns operations in Canada. Most recently we shipped the second set of 13m2 customized bluestream doors for their flagship vessel 75m "Ocean Prawns" who are fishing for coldwater shrimps in Canadian water.  70m trawler Atlantic Enterprise recieved their 13m2 thyboron doors earlier this year and have already been using them for 4 months fishing for both shrimp and turbot. "Since receiving our new doors on the Atlantic Enterprise they have shown to be very stable and have very strong spreading capabilities on all types of bottom from soft to hard and all types of conditions including rough seas and very strong tides while holding the required spread we wanted . We have been able to use less wire and reduced power with


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2 SETS OF TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM DELIVERED WITHIN ONE WEEK First vessel to recieve their set of 12.5m2 TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM was Faroe Island M/V Jupiter. Late on 22th of August Jupiter took onboard the hydraulic adjustable trawldoors in Kollafjordur on Faroe Island. Straight after we got all instructions settled, the doors was safely fastened in the blocks, Jupiter left for the mackerel fields NE of Faroe Island The 74m pelagic trawler with 8000HP is owned by Northwest Pelagic on Faroe Island. FRIDAY the 27th of August in Skagen, Denmark, it was time for Antares LK 419 to take onboard their new set of THYBORON doors 12.5m2 TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM have now replaced a set of 15m2 Thyboron TYPE 20 which had been with Antares since 2016. The bluewhiting trawls used by Antares had by the last years grown to bigger and more efficient trawls and therefor


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TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM - FIXED FOIL, MANUAL OR HYDRAULIC A smart development of our well-known TYPE 22 BLUESTREAM, which has been on the marked since 2017 lead us towards the new TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM. The BLUESTREAM technology is the still key feature of the new pelagic trawl door. By developing a door with a more fluent and efficient waterflow Thyboron Trawldoor has succeeded in making an even more powerful design than the TYPE 22. The concept is simple- a door that creates greater spread with same resistance as the previous model. From knowledge gained by CFD simulations, wind tunnel and flumetank testing we have made the new design with deeper and longer foils, when these trawl doors are towed through the water, the double foiling Bluestream-system forces water through the deep foils at higher speed thus creating a greater amount of lift while at the same


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68m Canadian factory trawler Newfoundland Lynx owned by Ocean Choice goes for custom made Thyboron doors After using their new customized bluestream doors for the first trip the captain Darryl Kelly was very impressed. Fishing for cold-water shrimps on the NE coast of Canada can have its difficulties, facing both strong tide, rough weather and ice. Nevertheless, the low aspect bluestream design has shown to be extremely steady under these circumstances and performs very well without falling down at all. In the beginning we saw the biggest advantage with this design compared to old and regular bottom doors, was that they are much more powerful while creating less resistance behind the vessel, helping to cover more ground for less used fuel. We are now seeing and will also point out that the doors are much easier to handle under operations like shooting and hauling. It was


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Mersey Seafoods placed an urgent order for Trawldoors and Thyboron delivered. 5 weeks after the order was placed the trawl doors was ready to go onboard F/T Mersey Venture Only 5 weeks after the order was placed, Mersey Seafoods Canada, took delivery of two sets Thyboron Trawldoors on Nova Scotia. Now F/T Mersey Venture is filling the bags with Redfish using TYPE 16 in a reinforced design. The TYPE 16 can be customized to any size or weight that the customer needs and, obviously, the higher the weight, the stronger the door and this reinforced model is made with adjustable frontside towing brackets; strengthened backside chains; reinforced HARDOX main-plates (which are reinforced at weld and stress points); Duplex plates at crucial spots; Manganese wear shoes; strengthened plates in the vents for a stronger overall construction and these plates also stops the problem of stones getting stuck in the vents.

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