68m Canadian factory trawler Newfoundland Lynx owned by Ocean Choice goes for custom made Thyboron doors

After using their new customized bluestream doors for the first trip the captain Darryl Kelly was very impressed.

Fishing for cold-water shrimps on the NE coast of Canada can have its difficulties, facing both strong tide, rough weather and ice. Nevertheless, the low aspect bluestream design has shown to be extremely steady under these circumstances and performs very well without falling down at all.

In the beginning we saw the biggest advantage with this design compared to old and regular bottom doors, was that they are much more powerful while creating less resistance behind the vessel, helping to cover more ground for less used fuel. We are now seeing and will also point out that the doors are much easier to handle under operations like shooting and hauling. It was the captain Darryl Kelly outmost concerns, that his new doors had to be steadier and also easier to handle, the new 12m2 bluestream design did just that.

After the first trip, captain Darryl Kelly said;

“The bluestream design from Thyboron are very easy to handle and being steady as a rock while they spread our gear perfectly. I could not be happier about them, highly recomendable”

For more information about this design please feel free to contact our sales divison