Clumps from the world’s leading manufacturer

Clumps from the world’s leading manufacturer

Our selection of clumps

We supply all types of clumps / middleweights such as solid clumps and rollerclumps. We produce them in weight ranges from 100 kg up to 10.000 kg

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The special designed center weight that we chose to call roller clump was invented by Thyboron Trawldoor in 1996 for the shrimp trawler Ocean Tiger.

As more fishermen became aware of the benefits of a roller clump, we started manufacturing the roller clumps for different setups of bottom fishing. Covering twin rig, triple rig, and quad rig. These different fishing methods are used for bottom trawling to catch either shrimp or white fish.

We have developed the design through the years, and we are now proud to be the biggest supplier of roller clumps to the world-wide commercial fishing fleet. We are among many other fisheries, supplying the state-of-the-art Norwegian fleet that fishes for shrimp in the Barents Sea. These huge factory trawlers uses roller clumps on up to 5 meters width and 10.000 KG weight.

The roller clump can, just as our many types of trawl doors be custom made to suit the specific fishery or vessel. We manufacture clumps from 100 KG and up to 20.000 KG

The clear benefits of a roller clump compared with an ordinary center weight / middleweight is:

  • The roller clump generates less drag when being towed on the seabed compared to regular middleweights. The drag is less because the roller rotates while being towed on the seabed and therefor the friction between clump and seabed is lower. This will result in lower fuel consumption and more efficient fishing for the given fishing setup.
  • The roller clump will need less maintenance because the wear is reasonable reduced when the roller rotates on the seabed instead of being towed hard on the abrasive or stony bottom.
  • The roller clump can be specifically designed to fit the slip of the vessel.
  • The weight of each roller clump can be made adjustable – This will make same clump suitable for different fisheries and water depths.
  • Environmentally the rollerclump has much lower impact on the seabed

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