Mersey Seafoods placed an urgent order for Trawldoors and Thyboron delivered. 5 weeks after the order was placed the trawl doors was ready to go onboard F/T Mersey Venture

Only 5 weeks after the order was placed, Mersey Seafoods Canada, took delivery of two sets Thyboron Trawldoors on Nova Scotia.

Now F/T Mersey Venture is filling the bags with Redfish using TYPE 16 in a reinforced design.

The TYPE 16 can be customized to any size or weight that the customer needs and, obviously, the higher the weight, the stronger the door and this reinforced model is made with adjustable frontside towing brackets; strengthened backside chains; reinforced HARDOX main-plates (which are reinforced at weld and stress points); Duplex plates at crucial spots; Manganese wear shoes; strengthened plates in the vents for a stronger overall construction and these plates also stops the problem of stones getting stuck in the vents.