First vessel to recieve their set of 12.5m2 TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM was Faroe Island M/V Jupiter.

Late on 22th of August Jupiter took onboard the hydraulic adjustable trawldoors in Kollafjordur on Faroe Island.

Straight after we got all instructions settled, the doors was safely fastened in the blocks, Jupiter left for the mackerel fields NE of Faroe Island

The 74m pelagic trawler with 8000HP is owned by Northwest Pelagic on Faroe Island.

FRIDAY the 27th of August in Skagen, Denmark, it was time for Antares LK 419 to take onboard their new set of THYBORON doors

12.5m2 TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM have now replaced a set of 15m2 Thyboron TYPE 20 which had been with Antares since 2016.

The bluewhiting trawls used by Antares had by the last years grown to bigger and more efficient trawls and therefor a more powerful door was required.

Through several discussions with mate Graeme Sandison and captain Lawrence Irvine, we agreed that a set of 12.5m2 of the new design with hydraulic adjustable foils would be most optimum for Antares’ operations.

The 9000HP vessel, Antares has already left Skagen, headed for the fishing grounds to catch their quota of Herring.


We have already started manufacturing more sets for USA and the Netherlands – Are you next? Feel free to contact us for more information

You can read more about the powerful TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM on https://thyboron-trawldoor.dk/new-powerful-pelagic-design/