Both Atlantic Enterprise and Ocean Prawns with Thyboron Trawldoors BLUESTREAM design in low aspect

We are proud to be supplier of the company Ocean Prawns operations in Canada. Most recently we shipped the second set of 13m2 customized bluestream doors for their flagship vessel 75m “Ocean Prawns” who are fishing for coldwater shrimps in Canadian water.  70m trawler Atlantic Enterprise recieved their 13m2 thyboron doors earlier this year and have already been using them for 4 months fishing for both shrimp and turbot.

“Since receiving our new doors on the Atlantic Enterprise they have shown to be very stable and have very strong spreading capabilities on all types of bottom from soft to hard and all types of conditions including rough seas and very strong tides while holding the required spread we wanted .
We have been able to use less wire and reduced power with the doors without sacrificing door spread which has resulted in reduced costs in our operation, that’s a win for everyone.
The support team at thyboren has been incredible, they have been very prompt and professional in answering any questions that I may have had.
Personally for me they are the best doors I have worked with in my career so far , the most stable and the best spreading power I’ve seen. I would have no problem recommending these doors or ordering another set when the time arises”

Feedback from Gordon, Captain, Atlantic Enterprise 10/11 2021

These low aspect bluestream doors are custom made for shrimp and turbot fishing with either single trawl or twin trawl. The low center of gravity ensures an incredible stability under the hard circumstances in Canadian waters.