Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S’s policy on customers’ and partners’ personal data

General personal data
The data we process on you includes only general personal data and no sensitive personal data: typically your name, address, CVR number, e-mail address and telephone number. We store and use the data to be able to maintain a good working relationship with you as a customer, easily deliver your goods and invoice you correctly.

General information about data
This personal data policy contains details on Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S’s processing of personal data and cookies. Personal data covers any information on an identified or identifiable physical person. Personal data includes information such as customers’ contact details, search behaviour and purchase history.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device when you visit Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S’s websites. A cookie is used to register which pages you visit and for how long, but it does not tell us who you are.

What personal data does Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S receive?
Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S registers data on you which is a necessary part of a contractual relationship with you, including information required in connection with sales to us or purchase of goods and services from us.

From customers and partners we request general contact details and possibly payment details, and in connection with purchases and sales we receive information on their purchase/sales history.

When you visit Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S’s website, information is collected on your IP address, browser and possibly your username, and which of our pages you visit and when.

If you do not want Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S to process your personal data, it may prevent you from buying goods or services from us.

What is the personal data used for?
Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S uses your data to fulfil contractual obligations to you. If you have registered for our newsletter, we send you newsletters by e-mail.

Data on your visits to our website are only used for the preparation of statistics to be used, among other things, to improve the structure of our website.

Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S only processes data on you to meet our obligations to you as a contractual partner.

To whom does Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S disclose personal data?
The personal data you disclose to Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S as part of a contract is used to perform the agreement with you, and we do not disclose your data unless it is part of our agreement with you.

How is your data protected?
Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S is obliged to ensure that your data is protected. Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S takes security measures to prevent data from inadvertent or unlawful destruction, loss or deterioration and from becoming known to unauthorised persons, being misused or from being processed contrary to the law in general.

These measures include correction of your data if errors are found and deletion of your data when we are no longer required to store it or when it is no longer relevant, typically five years after our last contact in connection with the purchase of goods or services.

On cookies
Cookies are used for the purpose of improving our website. When using our website, you accept Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S’s use of cookies. If you want to delete or block cookies, we recommend that you use this guide:

Your rights
You can always ask us what data we have registered on you and receive a copy of your data or exercise your right to data portability if relevant. In addition, under personal data law you can request that erroneous data be corrected, object to processing or have your data limited or deleted, unless we are obliged to process it.

If you have questions regarding Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S’s processing of your data or regarding our website’s use of cookies, or if you want additional information, please contact Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S by phone, e-mail or ordinary mail. Our contact details can be found on our website. If, after contacting Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S, you want to complain about the company’s processing of your personal data, you are entitled to make a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency, tel. +45 3319 3200.