Superb for all towing speeds and water depths


Superb for all towing speeds and water depths


The long keeled bottom trawldoor from Thyboron Trawldoor called the THYson is the new guy in class but a redesign of an already well-known design. The long keel combined with foils and cambered plates ensure a trawldoor with great stability while still being more efficient than older designs.

The low aspect ratio makes the doors steady under most circumstances and is superb for all towing speeds and water depths.The front foil on the THYson are placed in a curtain angle of attack, with the leading function of spreading the doors right away when shooting the gear.

The multiple towing arrangement on frontside and backside both with chain and towing brackets makes the door capable for all fisheries.

The THYSON have proved to be very reliable when towing at low speeds, in shallow water or with multiple trawls.

The THYson trawl model is very popular in France and in the UK

The THYson outrigger model is very popular in Australia, NZ, and Gulf of Mexico.

“Feedback from FV Warlock skipper Alan Alford was very impressed with his 1.5 sqm Thysons during the 2020 Northern Prawn Fishing season. We went from a 2000 Litre per night vessel to 1500 Litres per night, and importantly are catching as well as ever. We previously used #7 Bisons and the Thysons are spreading better. The workmanship on these boards and galvanising is first class”

The THYson comes in the following models: 


The weight can be custom made to suit customer requests

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