Type 21 VFA “Flipper” semi-pelagic trawldoors

An all-round high aspect trawldoor, used for many different kinds of fishing setups.

Type 21 VFA “Flipper” semi-pelagic trawldoors

An all-round high aspect trawldoor, used for many different kinds of fishing setups.

Standard/light or heavy duty

Type 21 VFA “FLIPPER” semi-pelagic trawldoors

TYPE 21VF FLIPPER is the same design as our well-known TYPE 14VF. We have just added our patented solution for opening 4 flaps in the door and thereby reducing surface area, spreading power, resistance and controlling pitch and roll.

This semipelagic “Flipper door” has four flaps that can be manually opened and closed. Two on the upper part and two on the lower part. The clear advantage when doing that is, the surface area is reduced by up to 12,4% and thereby spreading power can be reduced by up to 17%. At the same time the door’s resistance can be reduced up to 25%.

With this design you will basically have 3 door sizes in one.

The Type 14 VF/TYPE 21 design is the most sold semi-pelagic trawl door in the history of Thyboron Trawldoor. The TYPE 21VF is an all-around high aspect design that is used in both bottom trawling and pelagic trawling. TYPE 21 was the first high aspect door to prove itself world-wide in bottom fishing. The results and feedback keep being promising.

The TYPE 21 can be used both as a bottom trawldoor and as a pelagic trawldoor

TYPE 14VF and TYPE 21 is being used by fishermen all over the world. From shrimp fishing with multiple trawls in the Barents Sea to the deep waters surrounding New Zealand.

The aerodynamic design of TYPE 14VF makes it much more efficient than a regular bottom door. The TYPE 21VF performs at different towing speeds and in various depths.

The reference list for users of TYPE 14VF trawldoors are among the biggest within THYBORON TRAWLDOORs, but worth mentioning is that the top catchers in the Barents Sea shrimp fishing are using TYPE 14VF trawldoors and roller clumps from Thyboron. State-of-the-art factory trawlers like HAVFISKE’s KONGSFJORD, GADUS POSEIDON, GADUS NEPTUN, GADUS NJORD, RAMOEN, HOLMØY and many others are all among the users.

The type 21-VF semi-pelagic trawldoor can be built for bottom fishing on soft mud or sandy bottom or rough, hard, and stony bottom. TYPE 21 trawldoors are all built with either bolted on wear-shoes, wear-knives, or a flat wide mud-shoe.

Type 21VF comes in the following models:

  • TYPE 21 VFA Flipper – Standard/Light weight
  • TYPE 21 VFD Flipper – Iceland/Heavy duty
  • TYPE 21 Slider

The weight can be custom made to suit customer requests.

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