The Type 32 BLUESTREAM pelagic trawldoor

Highly efficient trawl door which a lot of power

The Type 32 BLUESTREAM pelagic trawldoor

Highly efficient trawl door which a lot of power

The TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM pelagic trawldoor

A further development of our well-known TYPE 22 BLUESTREAM.

The TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM is a new highly efficient trawl door which a lot of power.

From knowledge gained by CFD simulations, wind tunnel and flumetank testing we have made the new design with deeper and longer foils, when these trawl doors are towed through the water, the double foiling Bluestream-system forces water through the deep foils at higher speed thus creating a greater amount of lift while at the same time reducing drag impact.

The new design does ensure higher spreading power than what previous models have been capable of, but most import is that the new design has a great stability in the water while being towed and they come nice and straight up to the galleys.

Due to the deeper curving of the plates the new TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM is also much stronger in the construction and will be longer lasting.

As one of our patented features, the TYPE 32 BLUESTREAM also comes as a FLIPPER model. The FLIPPER system has also gone through an improving development since we have now made the flaps much easier to use and it is now possible to have it as either a manual solution or a hydraulic solution.

Both options are easier than the old system to operate from the vessel without any dangerous moves outside the vessel. While the manual solution being as easy handling as the pictures show, the hydraulic solution will move the flaps by only a few pushes to a pump.

With the flipper function it is possible to reduce the surface area of the trawl door by easily closing 1 or 2 flaps in the door which can be done by springlock attached to each flap. This system offers a lot of adjustment possibilities for many different fishing setups and provides extremely high stability when fishing deep or fishing very close to the surface with a lot of turns. Furthermore, this feature can increase the efficiency of the trawl doors even more than with only the BLUESTREAM technology implemented and it will soon be remote controllable as well.

So far, the new system with the hydraulic flaps have been in use with great success on mackerel fishing and herring fishing. While fishing in strong tide for the mackerel, with the fish being in only 15 meters of depth it was possible to turn and keep the same speed without the doors breaking the surface.

The new technology has come to stay and it will soon be controllable!

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