We are that satisfied with the feedback from Themis who have been testing the system for years. We have now made them 100% available commercially, and we’re open to supply and customise systems for each of our customers who need a set of controllable doors.

Themis has been using the doors in several fisheries and are very satisfied with the advantages compared to older regular pelagic doors.

The feedback from Themis was also that this is very beneficial when the crew are asleep and the skipper wants to make a small adjustment during the night. He can just change the setup on the trawl doors without having to wake up four or five guys.

A second set of tests was carried out on board Shetland pelagic vessel Serene while it was in Skagen recently for annual maintenance. Serene has been supplied with a 15 square metre pair of Bluestream doors, plus Serene brought home a second pair on board, for Shetland vessel LK419 Antares.

On the trials with Serene we shot the doors with a pre-set auto depth function to maintain them at 30 metres below the surface. This was tested with different warp lengths and everything stayed in line, even when we started to manouvre the vessel to a turn the trawl doors kept level.

The depth pre-set is just one of the array of features that allow the doors to be controlled during a tow via the wireless communication system. Another great feature is that the surface area and spreading force of the trawl doors can be changed by up to 27%.

With a set of 15 square metre doors, you have every size covered all the way down to 10,95 square metres.

This becomes extremely useful for the vessels operating across different fisheries. A further important feature is that with these doors you avoid any danger for the crew when adjusting the doors, since it can now be done remotely from the wheelhouse.

If you wish to be next in line to get a set of controllable trawl doors, do not hesitate to contact us at Sales@Thyboron-trawldoor.dk