The TYPE 26 BLUESTREAM have been developed by using our great experience with the dimensions of the semi-pelagic TYPE 14vf & TYPE 23 BLUESTREAM. After 3 years with TYPE 23 BLUESTREAM on the marked we have improved this design with regards to stability and spreading power.

The highly efficient design originates from the TYPE 22 pelagic trawl door with the implemented BLUESTREAM technology.

The TYPE 26 BLUESTREAM semi-pelagic trawldoor is an all-round high aspect trawldoor, that is used for different kinds of fishing setups such as bottom fishing, semi-pelagic and pelagic fishing both in deep water and in shallower water.

TYPE 26 BLUESTREAM trawldoors are all built with bolted on wear-shoes, wear-knives, or a flat wide mud-shoe. This design is the most efficient semi-pelagic trawl door in the world.

More and more vessels have already secured themselves a set – Are you next? You are very welcome contacting us Sales@Thyboron-trawldoor.dk