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Type 4 bottom trawl doors, standard / light version

The perfect trawldoors for all kinds of bottom fishing. They are built in all sizes and weights.

Type 4 bottom trawl doors

The perfect trawldoors for all bottom fishing setups. This is a further development of our type 2 door. This type 4 door is also a cambered V door but with two foils to improve the spreading power and reduce the resistance.

Since the introduction of the Type 4 trawldoors Thyboron Trawldoors has sold many sets of this trawl door model. It is still very popular worldwide, being used for all kinds of bottom fishing.

Twin rigging in shallow waters the type 4 is steady as a rock on the bottom due to the injector system and weight balance. Where many other door brands give up on spreading the gear, the type 4 has shown excellent performance.

Also in many special fishing setups, as single rig, twin rig, triple and quad rig the type 4 has proven itself with its wide range of adjustment possibilities. The type 2 is used on vessels using up to 12 trawls with 3 sets of Trawl doors.

The type 4 standard bottom doors are made in all sizes and weights. It is often built according to special customer requests in a light version and a heavy duty version.

Alle type 4 doors are fitted with either welded on manganese wearshoes or bolted on manganese wearshoes.

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