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Poly Ice Apollo Xstream - pelagic trawldoor

All Poly Ice doors are now produced in Thyboron by Thyboron trawl doors since we bought the company out of the Hampidjan group in 2011.

Poly Ice Apollo Xstream

The Apollo Xstream pelagic trawl door is an allround high aspect pelagic trawldoor used all over the world. It is used for all kinds of pelagic fishing setups, as well as bottom fishing with the doors "flying off the bottom".

The Apollo Xstream pelagic trawldoor is a very good pelagic trawl door, used worldwide because of its adjustment possibilities for many different fishing setups and its extremely high stability, when fishing deep or fishing very close to the surface with a lot of turns.

This pelagic trawl door is fitted with the "Patented" Xstream technology.

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