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76m2 multi-species Canadian freezer trawler Saputi, owned by Qikiqtaaluk Fisheries Corporation operates alongside the Canadian coast, fishing for shrimp and turbot. SAPUTI succesfully tested the Thyboron trawl doors on a trip with bad weather in January and February, fishing for shrimps Feedback from the Captain of Saputi, Danjal Niclasen: "We tried the new thyboron  doors last trip and we're very happy with the results. Saputi is an old lady now and under powered. We have been looking for something easier to tow and hold a good spread. The new Thyporon doors did just that. Towing in ice we had trouble keeping the pressure on our doors but these doors have the stability of a conventional bottom trawl door and the spreading force of the pelagic doors and we also used less wire ratio. So over all, we got more spread and they were easier to tow,


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All products from Thyboron Trawldoors, are made in house and within our very own production facility. The designs are made by our technical designers in cooperation with the sales team and fishermen.  The steel is proccesed, assembled and welded by experienced blacksmiths and welders in companionship with leading steel experts The rigging and painting is done by our in-house-painting team All steps in our production are streamlined both to ensure faster delivery but also to prevent and avoid mistakes. All trawl doors within our product line can be custom made to match customer requests and needs. All products get's a unique production number The close and short time communication between the steps within our production line helps us keeping the production time as low as possible. We strive to deliver the highest quality possible and have therefor also made new investments to improve our production facility

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