Research and development have always been one of the trademarks of Thyboron Trawldoor and we intend to keep up to speed.

Thyboron Controlable Trawldoors – The future is near

After years of designing, testing and preparing we are finally at the stage of making sea-trials with our remote controlable trawldoors.

First sea-trials was done with the Danish registered super vessel Themis S144. The first session of trials showed us that with the system it is possible to control the trawldoors and the net. Different scenarios was tested but most importantly we saw that from the net being hard on the bottom in 60 fathom’s of water, it only takes 5 minutes to get the net all the way to the surface after adjusting the trawldoors.

Our controlable solution gives a captain the possibility to change the positioning on the frontside towing arrangement, this is done wireless from the bridge.

Clear benefits:

  • Faster turns while keeping full door-spread
  • Positioning of net to ease the catch of targeted species
  • Keep symetry on trawl opening during strong tide
  • Keep net in surface, midwater or on the sea-bed
  • Long lasting rechargeable lithium battery

The prototype is currently back in our production facility to undergo some minor changes and will hopefully be back fishing soon.

Stay tuned