New website launced

Everything is getting digitalized and for Thyboron Trawldoor it is very important to make sure it is easy for our customers to find information about our products online, we have invested in a new website.

The new website is very userfriendly and informative.

As a new feature it includes our 3D instruction videos which can help a captain out in many situations. You can see the 3D instruction program here

Investment in the future

We have recently signed the contract for a new greener and more sustainable painting facility that will be built during the spring of 2021. This will result in a more fluent flow for our painting procedures meanwhile being a lot more environmentally friendly.

We have invested in a new air extraction system throughout our complete production facility to make sure our crew are working within conditions that lives up to highest climate-standards possible, within a steel manufacturing factory.

During 2021 we will also replace our existing welding machines with newer and more efficient machines. We believe that improving the gear and environmental base for our production crew results in a higher quality of our trawl doors. Thereby a higher quality for our customers.