The Type 14 VF Semi-pelagic / bottom doors are the market’s most popular and energy-saving semipelagic trawldoors with perfect spreading abilities. 75 sets were sold worldwide to many factory trawlers for whitefish and shrimp fishing.

The Norwegian trawler Hopen M-99-H uses 10m² Type 14 VF (4.500 kg) for trawling after saithe, cod and haddock. For shrimp trawling they use 17m² Type 14 VF (7.000 kg per door).

Gadus Poseidon F-4 BD, another Norwegian trawler uses 14,5m² Type 14 VF (6,500 kg) for single and twin trawling after shrimp. Additionally they have just ordered a new 9.5m² Type 14 VF for catching whitefish.

J. Bergvoll T-1-H is single- and twin trawling for saithe, cod and haddock. They use 9m² Type 14 VF (4.200 kg) and for shrimp fishing they use 13m² Type 14 VF (5.800kg).